Battery Recycling

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Power-Sonic is dedicated to the protection of our enviroment and we would urge you to recycle your old batteries on every occasion.

We in the battery industry are proud of the fact that lead-acid batteries are the enviromental success story of our time. More than 97% of all battery lead is recycled. Compared to 55% of aluminum soft drink and beer cans, 45% of newspapers, 26% of glass bottles and 26% of tires, lead acid batteries top the list of the most highly recycled consumer products.

The lead-acid battery gains its enviromental edge from its closed loop cycle. The typical new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic. When a spent battery is collected, it is sent to a permitted recycler, where under strict enviromental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a new battery manufacturer. The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. that means the lead and plastic in the lead-acid batteries that you use have been - and will continue to be - recycled many, many times. This makes lead acid battery disposal extremely successful from both enviromental and cost perspectives.

To find out more about recycling, the applicable Federal and State laws and to locate battery recycling locations in your area we would direct you to the following:

  • - This is a very comprehensive site, and by entering your zip code the site will direct you to battery recycling depots in your area. Think and act green!
  • - This site will provide you with more information on the recycling process and direct you to the pertinent Federal and State laws.
  • 1-800-8-BATTERY - You will be prompted to enter your zip code, after which you will be provided with a list of battery recycling depots in your area.