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Power-Sonic is pleased to announce the addition of five new US rep firms in support of our on-going efforts to better align resources to our end customers. This expansion and realignment is another way Power-Sonic intends to, not only stay competitive, but maintain its leadership position in the rechargeable battery market.

Power-Sonic’s customer base is largely divided into five primary segments; OEM, Security, Electronic, Wholesale, and lectrical. By aligning our focus, we can match our customers with representatives that specialize in their markets, allowing Power-Sonic to efficiently meet their needs with laser precision. These firms bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table and our customers will reap the benefits.

We welcome Thomasson Marketing Group, Security Solutions, Lanier Rep Group, O’Donnell South, and R.W. Kunz and Associates to the Power-Sonic brand and anticipate a huge impact on the battery market by bringing their extensive resources to bear.

Thomasson Marketing Group – Established in 2003, Thomasson Marketing Group is a sales and marketing firm providing manufacturers representation and consulting services to manufacturers while delivering innovative quality products to the Security and Electrical Industry in the Western US.

Security Solutions – Security Solutions was started in January 1989 with EXCELLENCE in mind. Our goal is to offer the best sales experience and customer support in the industry. To meet this objective, we have invested heavily in our sales staff and sales tools. Combined we represent over 100 years of experience in the low voltage arena including Security & Electrical in the South-East US.

Lanier Rep Group – LRG is committed to your business growth and profitability through select products and service partners. Together, we provide you the information and relationship necessary to succeed in todays environment. We have the knowledge and expertise to help your customer get exactly the Security and Electrical products they are looking for in the Central US.

O’Donnell South – Founded in 1963, we are a well-staffed and responsive organization that has the product knowledge, market knowledge, and experience you need to grow your OEM, Electronic, or Wholesale business. Our field sales members are degreed engineers. Our staff has an average length of service with our company of over 10 years. We have the skills to foster long term relationships with our customers and distributors throughout the South West US.

R.W. Kunz and Associates – For over 40 years we’ve served the electronics industry demonstrating sales excellence within the Plains States. We strive to be the leading electronics professional outsourcing sales company throughout the Midwest representing the entire Power-Sonic portfolio. We apply fair and ethical business practices in exceeding all customer and principal expectations for sales, service, and responsiveness.

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